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              來源:http://www.mtffz.com 發布時間:2021-03-06

              From the construction preparation in the early stage of installation to the project acceptance, there are problems that need to be paid attention to in any stage, which need to be completed step by step. The following is a summary of the installation requirements of some oil and gas boilers. Let's have a look.
              (1) Before boiler installation and construction, the boiler installation approval procedures shall be handled according to the regulations. After the approval of quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, the construction team shall make good construction preparation.
              (2) Organize the construction personnel to study, be familiar with the boiler drawings and technical data related to boiler installation, and carry out the construction only after the specifications and procedures
              (3) When the boiler is transported horizontally, the sleeper shall be higher than the boiler foundation to ensure that the foundation will not be damaged.
              (4) Burner pipeline installation: the fuel pipeline of the burner itself has been connected, and there are two fuel hose interfaces for oil inlet and return. When installing, just connect the oil supply and return pipes.
              (5) Installation of control cabinet: the switch button of burner, the program controller of burner and the terminal of automatic operation and protection device are assembled on the control box. The control line has been connected, and the user only needs to connect the external main power supply.
              (6) Water pump installation: after the water pump is lifted to the foundation and put in place, it shall be leveled and aligned with pad iron, and then the anchor bolts shall be poured with concrete. When the concrete strength reaches 75%, the unevenness of the water pump shall be rechecked and the anchor bolts shall be tightened.
              (7) Chimney, pressure gauge, water level gauge and other issues, are required to be installed in strict accordance with the boiler manufacturer's installation requirements.
              All the work or requirements are for the smooth completion of the construction, we must do according to the requirements.

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