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              Safety device detection normal fire inspection
              吹掉正?;?,加熱爐應在45秒內切斷。 溫度限制保護87°C
              If the normal fire is blown off, the heating furnace should be cut off within 45 seconds. Temperature limit protection 87 ° C
              電磁加熱爐的加熱溫度升至87°C,主燃燒器將自動熄滅。 當溫度下降約10°C時,加熱爐將自動工作。 電源(檢測)失敗
              When the heating temperature of the electromagnetic heating furnace rises to 87 ° C, the main burner will automatically go out. When the temperature drops about 10 ° C, the furnace will work automatically. Power supply (detection) failure
              電磁加熱爐處于工作狀態,加熱爐在供電后自動工作。 過熱保護檢測
              The electromagnetic heating furnace is in working state, and the heating furnace works automatically after power supply. Overheat protection detection
              拔下過熱保護的上部連接插頭,加熱爐應停止工作。 加熱溫度限制保護
              Pull off the upper connecting plug of overheat protection, and the heating furnace shall stop working. Heating temperature limit protection
              拔下溫度限制保護線,主燃燒器應立即熄滅。 防堵塞檢測
              Pull out the temperature limit protection line, and the main burner shall be put out immediately. Anti clogging detection
              If the flue is blocked, the main burner shall be put out immediately.
              Other tests of water pressure in heating cycle
              加熱循環中的水壓應為1.5巴左右,水壓應高于1巴。 衛生熱水溫度
              The water pressure in the heating cycle should be about 1.5 bar and higher than 1 bar. Sanitary hot water temperature
              如果衛生熱水流量不足,請檢查冷水進水管中的過濾器。 加熱溫度升高
              If the sanitary hot water flow is insufficient, check the filter in the cold water inlet pipe. Heating temperature rise
              如果溫度上升過快,請檢查旁通閥或回水處過濾器的調節情況。 膨脹水箱
              If the temperature rises too fast, check the adjustment of the bypass valve or the filter at the return water. Expansion tank
              當加熱功能運行時,如果加熱循環水中的水壓上升過快,檢查膨脹水箱的壓力。 在這種情況下,連接板的加熱水出口和回水閥關閉,加熱爐中的水通過加熱排水閥排出,膨脹水箱的壓力應在0.5到0.6巴之間。
              When the heating function is running, if the water pressure in the heating circulating water rises too fast, check the pressure of the expansion tank. In this case, the heating water outlet and return valve of the connecting plate are closed, the water in the heating furnace is discharged through the heating drain valve, and the pressure of the expansion tank should be between 0.5 and 0.6 bar.
              Check the function of sanitary water, check the sanitary water, and the heating furnace is in the functional position in summer.
              Check the ignition condition of burner;
              The second check of sanitary water, heating furnace in winter function position.
              Check the ignition condition of burner;
              檢查加熱爐的衛生水調節功能; 在低進氣量的條件下運行衛生用水功能,檢測氣體量的變化和水溫的變化。
              Check the sanitary water regulation function of the heating furnace; operate the sanitary water function under the condition of low air intake, and detect the change of gas volume and water temperature.
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