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              家用電采暖鍋爐的 出現彌補了傳統供暖設備的不足,采暖鍋爐是一種將電能轉化成熱能直接放熱或通過熱媒介質在采暖管道中循環來滿足 供暖需求的采暖設備,屬于電熱水鍋爐的范疇。
              The emergence of household electric heating boiler makes up for the shortcomings of traditional heating equipment. Heating boiler is a kind of heating equipment that converts electric energy into heat energy and directly releases heat or circulates heat medium in heating pipe to meet the heating demand, which belongs to the category of electric hot water boiler.
              電阻絲通電發熱,電能轉換為熱能,熱能導入水中,把水加熱成熱水,熱水循環泵輔助循環鍋爐和暖氣管道里的熱 水,通過散熱器實現采暖目的 電采暖爐 工作原理是間歇工作,即當供水溫度小于上限溫度時電采暖爐處于加熱狀態,當 供水溫度到達上限溫度時電采暖爐處于停機保溫狀態。
              The resistance wire is electrified to generate heat, and the electric energy is converted into heat energy. The heat energy is introduced into the water, and the water is heated into hot water. The hot water circulating pump is used to assist the circulation of the hot water in the boiler and heating pipe, and the purpose of heating is achieved through the radiator. The working principle of the electric heating furnace is intermittent, that is, when the water supply temperature is less than the upper limit temperature, the electric heating furnace is in the heating state When the water supply temperature reaches the upper limit, the electric heating furnace is in the state of shutdown and insulation.
              在采暖期更冷的幾天,電采暖爐提供的值剛好滿足或小于房間需 求的熱負荷,過高的設置電采暖爐的上限溫度值,會造成電采暖爐實際的供水溫度很難達到上限溫度,這樣電采暖爐就 會處于24小時加熱狀態。
              In the coldest days of the heating period, the value provided by the electric heating furnace just meets or is less than the heat load required by the room. If the upper limit temperature value of the electric heating furnace is set too high, the actual water supply temperature of the electric heating furnace will be difficult to reach the upper limit temperature, so that the electric heating furnace will be in the 24-hour heating state.
              利用觸摸屏作操作界面,實現人機對話,易懂、易學、易記,操作簡單方便。通過顯示屏上的功能鍵可查核、設定 和修改各種調節參數。系統控制核心PLC,其可編程序靈活性大、邏輯處理能力強,具有較高的運行速度及可靠性。執行 機構采用先進電器元件??刂破鲙炔厥綄崟r日歷時鐘。系統可按用戶要求,在任意時間設定多個不同的溫度設定 值,達到節能效果。鍋爐有斷流、超溫、超壓、短路、漏電、缺相、過流等保護功能,鍋爐運行更加穩定、安全。
              The touch screen is used as the operation interface to realize the man-machine dialogue, which is easy to understand, learn and remember, and the operation is simple and convenient. Through the function keys on the display screen, various adjustment parameters can be checked, set and modified. The system control core PLC, its programmable sequence flexibility, logic processing ability, with high speed and reliability. The actuator adopts international advanced electrical components. Controller with built-in real-time calendar clock. According to the user's requirements, the system can set multiple different temperature settings at any time to achieve the best energy saving effect. The boiler has the protection functions of cut-off, over temperature, over pressure, short circuit, electric leakage, lack of phase and over-current, which makes the boiler more stable and safe.
              家用電采暖鍋爐由于其功率非常大,所以在使用過程中如果不注意就會非常容易發生火災,引起火災的原因非常多 ,所以設備一定要安裝在干燥、衛生干凈的地方,安裝在遠離小孩的地方,以免在不知道的情況下發生火災。
              Household electric heating boiler because of its power is very large, so in the process of use, if you do not pay attention, it will be very easy to fire, the cause of fire is very many, so the equipment must be installed in a dry, sanitary and clean place, installed far away from children's place, in order to avoid fire without knowing.      

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