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              來源:http://www.mtffz.com 發布時間:2021-01-21

              One of the characteristics of household electric heating furnace is the integrated combustion configuration system. In the combustion configuration system, the designer takes the steam boiler and burner as a whole. Such a design, so that the boiler combustion system to achieve the best configuration, but also has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection.
              The second feature is the firm automatic control system. For electric heating furnaces, they use automatic computer control system throughout the whole process to form automatic pressure control, flame detection, water shortage protection and so on. This kind of fool type one key service enables anyone to operate easily, and with one click, the household electric heating furnace can enter the fully automatic operation state All the safety protection measures work normally, without the need for special personnel to guard, their operation is very convenient and safe.
              Safe and scientific design structure is also one of the characteristics of electric heating furnace. The electric heating furnace adopts finned water pipe tubular structure, which can effectively expand and contract, so as to prevent them from producing greater pressure, make the use of the boiler more safe and reliable, and greatly increase the service life of the electric boiler. The last advantage of household electric heating furnace is that the unique design of high quality and fast steam, small capacity and large steam allows you to get steam in the shortest time, so that the temperature of radiator can be increased rapidly.
              In the process of use, the safety valve of electric boiler should be moved once a day to prevent rusting and losing its original function. After all the inspection work is completed, we need to put all the tools and materials in the designated place, and then make a good safety record for future query. The above is all the electric boiler maintenance methods, we must carefully check, in order to ensure a safe and warm winter.

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