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              電供暖爐要注意的5個注意事項,電供暖爐的工作原理及操作方法是使用電供暖爐之前就必須熟悉的,合理正確的使用電供暖爐是這篇文章的!下面講解一下電供暖爐的機型基本要點,希望廣大用戶在使用電供暖爐時要注意一下基本要點 電采暖鍋爐工程:
              Electric heating furnace should pay attention to five points for attention, the working principle and operation method of electric heating furnace must be familiar before using electric heating furnace, reasonable and correct use of electric heating furnace is the focus of this article! The following explains the basic points of electric heating furnace model, I hope the majority of users should pay attention to the basic points when using electric heating furnace, electric heating boiler engineering:
              Electric heating boiler engineering
              1. The user's judgment on the temperature of the electric heating furnace should be based on their own actual temperature. They should believe in their own feelings and find a suitable temperature. Do not adjust the temperature too high, which will do great harm to people's body.
              2. The commissioning of heating cable heating system must be carried out by professional installation personnel after the concrete layer is naturally dried (about 21 days) and under the condition of normal heating and power supply, so as to reasonably commission the cable system of electric heating furnace.
              3. Check whether the temperature controller and circuit system are normal and whether the doors and windows are well sealed before use in heating period every year.
              4. During the commissioning, the room temperature should be controlled to rise steadily until it meets the design requirements, and the temperature should not rise to a particularly high level at one time, which will affect the service life of the electric heating furnace; the commissioning time is one week, which should ensure that the first day of operation is 3 hours, and then increase every day until it reaches full load operation.
              5. When you add new furniture after the cable is running, you should consider to avoid the local high temperature when the heating cable is running.
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