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              來源:http://www.mtffz.com 發布時間:2021-01-14

              Lead can be widely used in hospitals, door control system: lead block adopts computer intelligent module and frequency conversion circuit, equipped with infrared protection device and door machine interlocking device. It can realize half open / full open function, with motor and anti-theft lock interlocking function. Transmission system: adopt decelerating motor and variable speed inverter. It can change the speed of the electric door in operation, and ensure the safe and reliable use.
              High output torque and low noise. Protective material: the protective inner layer is made of high-purity lead plate and steel framework; the surface material can be stainless steel plate and fire protection plate. Lead block still has a good application prospect in medicine! What are the characteristics of medical lead block
              1 operating performance: with four kinds of operating devices; a remote control to open and close the door; B luxury elevator type control panel and control button to open and close the door; C can be equipped with pedal type control switch; D can open and close the door manually after power failure;
              2. Safety device: it has electrical, mechanical and infrared protection devices to ensure safe and reliable use; the infrared protection device can prevent the electric door from crushing and injuring people during operation;
              3. Frequency conversion device: through the speed change in the operation of the electric door, it can ensure safer use; at the same time, it can make the operation more balanced and the noise less;
              4. The electric protective door lock adopts the lock and motor interlocking device to prevent the door from damaging the anti-theft lock when the anti-theft lock is not opened.
              The lead block is equipped with manual adjustment device, so that the protective door can be selected according to the user's needs, with half open and full open functions. Main accessories: Wanxin variable frequency motor (imported from Taiwan, with deceleration function) frequency converter, infrared protection device, remote control device (Taiwan Juguang) control elements. Structural design: the door body is made of luxury stainless steel, and the protective layer is made of high pressure full bonding technology, which will never deform and has good protective effect.

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