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              Multi media filter
              The common multi-media filters used in water treatment include anthracite quartz sand magnetite filter, activated carbon quartz sand magnetite filter, activated carbon quartz sand filter, quartz sand ceramic filter, etc.
              The main factors considered in the design of filter layer of multi-media filter are as follows:
              1. Different filter media have large density difference, which can ensure that mixing layer will not occur after backwashing disturbance.
              2. Filter media should be selected according to the use of produced water.
              3. The particle size of the lower filter material is required to be smaller than that of the upper filter material to ensure the effectiveness and full utilization of the lower filter material.
              In fact, taking the three-layer filter bed as an example, the upper layer filter material has the largest particle size and is composed of light filter materials with small density, such as anthracite and activated carbon; the middle layer filter material has the middle particle size and density, and is generally composed of quartz sand; the lower layer filter material is composed of heavy filter materials with the smallest particle size and the largest density, such as magnetite. Due to the limitation of density difference, the selection of filter material for three-layer media filter is basically fixed. The upper filter material plays the role of coarse filtration, and the lower filter material plays the role of fine filtration. In this way, the function of multi-media filter bed is brought into full play, and the effluent quality is obviously better than that of single-layer filter bed. For drinking water, anthracite, resin and other filter media are generally prohibited.
              This article is from: Shandong multi media filter. For more information, please click: http://www.mtffz.com We will provide a satisfactory service for your questions, welcome your call!

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