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              燃氣鍋爐包括燃氣燃燒設備和鍋爐本體兩個系統。燃氣燃燒設備主要指爐膛和燃燒器, 也包括其他與燃燒過程有關的設備, 它的主要作用是將一部分數量的可燃氣體和空氣通入燃燒設備中, 通過可燃氣體的燃燒將化學能轉變為熱能,給鍋爐本體提供持續的熱能。燃氣鍋爐作為一種產生熱能和動力的工藝設備,廣泛地應用于電力、機械、化工、紡織及造紙等工業部門及賓館、居民區采暖供熱等方面。燃氣鍋爐已經逐步進入人們生活的周圍。
              Gas fired boiler includes two systems: gas burning equipment and boiler body. Gas combustion equipment mainly refers to the furnace and burner, also including other equipment related to the combustion process. Its main function is to pass a part of combustible gas and air into the combustion equipment. Through the combustion of combustible gas, the chemical energy will be converted into heat energy to provide continuous heat energy for the boiler body. As a kind of process equipment to generate heat and power, gas-fired boiler is widely used in electric power, machinery, chemical industry, textile and paper industry, hotels and residential areas. Gas fired boiler has gradually entered people's life.
              燃氣鍋爐在正常運行中, 有時會產生突然熄滅的現象。
              In the normal operation of gas-fired boiler, sometimes it will produce the phenomenon of sudden extinction.
              1. 燃氣鍋爐熄火的現象
              1. Flameout of gas-fired boiler
              (1) 爐膛負壓突然增大 。
              (1) The negative pressure of furnace increases suddenly.
              (2) 爐膛內變暗, 由看火孔看不到火焰。
              (2) The furnace is darkened and no flame can be seen from the fire hole.
              (3) 汽壓、汽溫下降。
              (3) The steam pressure and temperature decrease.
              2. 燃氣鍋爐熄火的原因
              2. Causes of gas boiler flameout
              (1) 氣中帶雜質水過多 。
              (1) There is too much impurity water in the gas.
              (2) 機械雜質或結焦, 造成燃燒器堵塞。
              (2) Mechanical impurities or coking cause burner blockage.
              (3) 供氣閥門故障或誤動作造成來氣中斷 。
              (3) Air supply valve failure or misoperation causes interruption of incoming air.
              (4) 氣壓過低,中斷供氣。
              (4) The air pressure is too low and the air supply is interrupted.
              (5) 過濾網或氣管堵塞, 閥芯脫落堵塞氣路,穩壓閥上的通風口堵塞, 致使氣壓下降。
              (5) The filter screen or air pipe is blocked, the valve core falls off and the air path is blocked, and the vent on the pressure stabilizing valve is blocked, resulting in the decrease of air pressure.
              (6) 配風不當,風量過大將火吹熄。
              (6) Improper air distribution and excessive air volume will blow out the fire.
              (7) 水位過低,保護動作。
              (7) If the water level is too low, the protection will act.
              (8) 電磁閥故障。
              (8) The solenoid valve is faulty.
              3. 燃氣鍋爐熄火的處理
              3. Treatment of gas boiler flameout
              (1) 關閉鍋爐總氣閥及各運行噴嘴的分氣閥。
              (1) Close the main gas valve of the boiler and the distributor valve of each operating nozzle.
              (2) 保持鍋爐正常水位 。
              (2) Maintain the normal water level of the boiler.
              (3) 查明原因和消除故障后重新點火。
              (3) Find out the cause and remove the fault before ignition again.
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