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              來源:http://www.mtffz.com 發布時間:2020-08-21

              1. It is required that the parallel tolerance between the outlet water tank of multi-media filter and the filter plate shall not be greater than 2mm.
              2. The levelness and roughness of the filter plate are less than 1.5mm. For the structure of the filter plate, the overall processing is very good. When the diameter of the cylinder is large or limited by raw materials, transportation, etc. It can also be assembled from two valves.
              3. The reasonable treatment of the connection between filter plate and cylinder is very important for air backwash.
              4. In order to eliminate the radial gap between the filter plate and the cylinder due to the error in processing the multi-media filter and rolling the cylinder, the arc-shaped ring plate is generally welded in sections. Contact parts require full welding.]
              5. The treatment method of radial clearance between central tube and filter plate is the same as above. Remarks: the above measures ensure that the filtration and backwashing of the multi-media filter can only be connected through the gap of the filter cap or exhaust pipe. At the same time, the distribution uniformity of backwashing and filtering channels is ensured.
              6. The radial error of the through-hole machined on the filter plate is 1.5mm. Increasing the matching size of filter cap guide rod and filter plate through-hole is not conducive to the installation or fixation of filter cap. Mechanical equipment is required to process through holes.
              7. The filter cap material of multi-media filter is nylon, followed by ABS. Due to the addition of filter material in the upper part, the extrusion load on the filter cap is very high and high strength is required to avoid deformation. The contact surface (upper and lower surfaces) between the filter cover and the filter plate should be added with elastic rubber pads.

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