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              來源:http://www.mtffz.com 發布時間:2019-11-22

                Does the industrial inspection door need to be repaired? Of course, it needs to be maintained. Generally, the radiation protection door needs to be maintained, but maybe you don't know much about the maintenance of the detection door. Then, how to maintain the industrial detection door? In use, it is necessary to prevent contact with acid and acid filtrate, and the parts that are easy to rust should also take current anti-corrosion and other maintenance measures. The following will be analyzed with Liaocheng Medical Radiation Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. Details are as follows:
                1. The industrial inspection protection door shall be protected from acid contact, and the filtrate shall be acid proof to prevent the door curtain from being eroded.
                2. 在啟動和關機過程中,應具有隨機停止的性能,不應有停止和連續滑動。
                2. In the process of startup and shutdown, it shall have the performance of random stop, without stop and continuous sliding.
                The parts easy to rust shall be the current anti-corrosion, paint and residual solution, and the front of heavy and hard things shall not be used for charging.
                4. 工業探傷防護門在運行過程中,若出現較大震動或異常聲響,應停機檢查,并清除妨礙門簾正常開閉的雜物。
                4. During the operation of industrial flaw detection protective door, if there is large vibration or abnormal sound, stop the machine for inspection and remove the sundries that hinder the normal opening and closing of the curtain.
                5. During operation, the operator must be able to see clearly the operation position of the protective door in operation mode, so as to avoid being attacked without detection and damage.
                6. The industrial flaw detection protection door shall be inspected regularly at the operation, sliding, transmission and other positions, and oil shall be added timely as required to ensure the normal use of the rolling shutter door.
                The above six points are the maintenance of the industrial flaw detection protective door for you today. I hope you can use the maintenance of the industrial flaw detection protective door.
              More information about radiation protection equipment can be found on the official website: http://www.mtffz.com

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