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              來源:http://www.mtffz.com 發布時間:2019-09-26

              Radiation can cause serious damage to our body's function! So we should protect the radiation reasonably! Radiation protective coating is one of the more commonly used! Today, the small edition of radiation protective equipment will give you the characteristics of radiation protective coatings Phuket!
              1. X-ray protective coatings have the function of resisting X-ray, absorbing scattering rays and bremsstrahlung.
              2. Radiation protective coatings are simple in construction, firm in bonding, non-corrosive, non-toxic, tasteless, non-cracking and non-falling, and their strength can reach more than 20 years.
              3. Radiation protective coatings have low cost, no maintenance and stable physical properties.
              4. Radiation protective coatings reduce the probability of radiation refraction and ionized air, thus effectively reducing the scattering intensity and harmful gas concentration.
              Today's wonderful content will be introduced here for the time being. If you have other places you want to know, you are welcome to leave a message and comment on our official website of radiation protection equipment: http://www.mtffz.com, or call our hotline directly. We will give you a satisfactory answer!

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