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              來源:http://www.mtffz.com 發布時間:2019-09-19

              Gas-fired boilers are favored by many enterprises because of their fast combustion and high power. Improving the thermal efficiency of gas-fired boilers and making gas-fired boilers operate more economically are the goals pursued by the boiler industry. The following edition will tell you a few ways to improve the thermal efficiency of Shandong gas-fired boilers!
              1. Before ignition, check carefully whether the water in the boiler and system is full and whether the exhaust is smooth.
              2. Check whether there is air leakage in the human gas pipeline (soap water) and whether the gas pressure matches the boiler.
              3. The design of the boiler should be reasonable. The unreasonable structure of the boiler will cause waste of heat or make the heat consumed in the circulation.
              4. Pipeline connections of boilers should be checked regularly. If there is a leak, the boiler should be shut down and repaired immediately to prevent the occurrence of air leakage.
              5. Gas-fired boilers can also play a role in heat recovery, collecting circulating hot water and reusing it. These are all ways to improve the combustion efficiency of boilers.
              6. If there is no gas heating water heater for a long time, please turn off the gas source and cut off the power supply. In the environment of possible ice, the water in the gas heating water heater and pipeline must be drained clean to prevent freezing.
              Xiaobian here sincerely thanks you for reading, the above wonderful content comes from: Shandong Gas Boiler, welcome you to pay attention to us: http://www.mtffz.com, we will regularly release more industry information!

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