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              來源:http://www.mtffz.com 發布時間:2019-09-17

              Radiation protection door has strong corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, acid environment construction, medical radiation protection, wide application range. Radiation protection doors have been widely used in recent years. In order to make the radiation protection door play a better role in radiation protection and prolong its application time, it is necessary to strictly require the storage environment of the radiation protection door. Now let the manufacturers of radiation protection equipment introduce to us the storage environment and requirements of radiation protection door.
              1. It is necessary to ventilate and dry the environment in which the radiation protection door is stored. Lead door belongs to non-ferrous metal. If it contacts with water, it will be oxidized, which will destroy the protective film of aluminium skin and affect the appearance quality. Therefore, a dry environment is the basic condition for storing lead door.
              2、射線防護門包裝的密封性,一般鉛門在出廠時都會采取防水包裝,內有防潮劑,所以建議用戶不要破壞掉該包裝,該包裝適合于長 時間寄存使用。如果有必定條件的話也能夠將運用后的鉛門也進行如此的包裝。
              2. The sealing property of the packaging of radiation protection doors. Generally, the lead doors will be waterproof when they leave the factory. There are moisture-proof agents in them. Therefore, users are advised not to destroy the packaging. The packaging is suitable for long-term storage. If there are certain conditions, the lead door can also be used for such packaging.
              3. Radiation protection doors should be prohibited from contacting acid and alkaline solutions to prevent corrosion of surfaces and damage their functions.
              4. The rusty parts should be treated regularly with anticorrosion, paint and maintenance. It is forbidden to use heavy and hard materials to impact the surface.
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